Reminder – KAS Officer Nominations and Elections – May 2012

This is a reminder that the 2012 KAS Officer elections will be held on Wednesday May 2nd during the regular business meeting.  Nominations may be made right up until the elections at the May 2nd Meeting.

From the KAS bylaws, “Members are to send President (George) nominations beginning this month. The President passes them on to the Membership VP (Patrick M.) who presents the slate and ballots at the annual meeting in May. Nominations are taken until just before our vote in May.”

So think of who you would like to see in each of the offices for the KAS, and send your nominations to George. Here is the current list of officer nominations.

1. President – George N.
2. VP of the Treasury – Art C.
3. VP of Technical Affairs – Lee Schelp
4. VP of Safety – Keith W.
5. VP of Outreach Secretary – Justin V.
6. VP of Membership Affairs – Patrick M.

If anyone has nominations, please try and get them to or George prior to the May KAS meeting. Nominations can be made right up until the ballot call for the elections.

Descriptions of each office and nomination qualifications follow:

The President

  • Coordinate with KOSC Director and Staff and the Kopernik Society, including giving advice and council if requested.
  • Preside over Club and Officers’ meetings.
  • Represent the KAS at public events, Star Parties, etc.
  • With the advice and consent of the other elected officers and general
  • membership, he/she will provide a vision and general direction to the KAS by
  • promoting and encouraging the Members’ efforts in the study of Astronomy and support to KOSC.
  • Provide leadership in achieving KAS goals.
  • Provide guidance to the Vice Presidents relative to their duties.

The Vice President of Membership Affairs:

  • Promote KAS Membership by actively encouraging visitors to KOSC, and others, to join the KAS.
  • Serve as the principle advocate for individual Members’ rights.
  • Focus on insuring that all Members have an equal opportunity to gain from KAS Membership while being offered an opportunity to increase their level of support.
  • Provide an introduction and orientation for all new KAS Members, including matching them up with other Members with similar interests.
  • Maintain a contact list of all KAS Members, including e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc (unless the Member objects to being listed).

The Vice President of Technical Affairs:

  • Serve as the principle KAS advisor on Observatory Equipment and Telescopes, including Member use, maintenance, and potential new equipment purchases.
  • Promote the Training of Members relative to use of both the Observatory equipment and their personal telescopes and equipment.
  • Control the loan policy for any KAS owned telescopes or equipment.
  • Keep all Members and the Staff informed about current equipment malfunctions and how this can impact the safe and effective use of the equipment; also inform all when equipment has been repaired and is again serviceable.
  • Determine who is a qualified operator of items purchased with KAS Funds.

The Vice President – Outreach Secretary:

  • Conduct formal correspondence (written or e-mail) with other Astronomy Clubs, Organizations, Astronomy magazines, websites, etc. This duty includes maintaining a formal file of prior correspondence.
  • Promote contact and cooperation with other amateur astronomy clubs and professional astronomy organizations.
  • Maintain minutes of KAS Meetings which he/she will make available to Members.
  • Serve as Newsletter Editor, and manage on-line communications.
  • Serve as KAS Historian by maintaining records of Club activities, publications, correspondence, awards, etc.

The Vice President – Treasurer:

  • Keep a record (including receipts) of all income and expenditures of the Club.
  • Monitor the use of the KAS Fund monies and reporting any misuse to the Membership and KOSC Director.
  • Prepare a financial report on the status of the KAS Fund, and present it to the KAS Membership twice a year (January and August).
  • Pay for expenditures using Club funds.
  • Coordinate with KOSC Director or his/her appointee, to oversee the spending or transfer of KAS Fund monies.
  • Keep an inventory of all equipment and property belonging to the KAS, or KOSC equipment purchased using the KAS Fund.
  • In general, perform the obligations usually pertaining to the office of Treasurer.

VP of Safety and Usability:

  • Assure that all KOSC safety standards are adequately applied to telescopes and other equipment in the observatory.
  • Assure that usability guidelines are posted for major equipment items, and that each piece of equipment has a start up procedure and shutdown procedure associated to it.
  • Perform regular assessments of equipment and practices to assure that the best usability and observer safety are attained.
  • Work with KOSC on improving safety standards across the observatory and facility.
  • Perform regular safety discussions with KAS membership to educate on safety practices.

Eligibility for Office:

  • The President and Vice President of Technical Affairs must have previously been a member in good standing for one year and be a qualified user of all KOSC telescopes.
  • The Vice President of Membership Affairs must have previously been a member in good standing for one year.
  • The Vice President – Treasurer must have a basic understanding of simple accounting procedures and be legally able to sign checks.
  • A Member may hold up to two offices simultaneously, except that the President may not also be Treasurer.
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