Tonight’s Sky – April 2015 (from

  • Venus in the west after sunset
  • Mercury low against the horizon soon after sunset
  • Jupiter Prime Viewing high and early
  • Ursa Major including the Big Dipper
  • Mizar/Alcor double star
  • M81 & M82 Galaxies
  • Leo the Lion
  • M65, M66, and NGC3629 Leo Triplet of Galaxies
  • M95 and M96 – Galaxies
  • The Three Leaps of the Gazelle (three pairs of double stars)
  • Saturn in the South at midnight
  • Saturn Close Pass to the Moon on April 8th
  • Lyrid Meteor Shower peak on 4/22
  • April 4th Total Lunar Eclipse – From the Western US

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KAS Attending NEAF 2015

Image credit:

On April 18th – 19th, The Northeast Astronomy Forum and Telescope Show will be held.  Numerous KAS members have committed to going. Some KAS members go down for two days, and others for one day or the other.

The KAS has many NEAF activities planned.  For the fifth year in a row, the KAS will have a table at the event.  Once again this year we will be on the showroom floor.  Everything is all set…stop by the KAS booth for a chance to win a Kopernik AstroFest T-Shirt and to find out information about our annual Kopernik AstroFest event.

Please feel free to contact kas’at’ if you are interested in joining us in our venture to NEAF 2013.

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Kopernik AstroFest 2015 Planning Has Begun!


The 2015 Kopernik AstroFest planning cycle has started and the KAS have announced that the dates of the event will be Friday October 16th thru Sunday October 18th.  We are very excited to be hosting the event at Kopernik Observatory & Science Center in Vestal, NY for the 33rd time in Kopernik history.

Details of the event are still being researched and discovered.  There will be speakers on topics related to astronomy as well as observing under Kopernik’s clear, dark skies.  As details become available, they will be published on the Kopernik AstroFest Web Page.

If you are interested in participating with the fantastic AstroFest Planning Team, or you are interested in more information about attending the event, please contact the Kopernik Astronomical Society.


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Frozen Early Evening Moon – 2/27/2015

A photo of the Moon taken by KAS member Patrick Manley on February 27th, 2015 at around 5PM.

Frozen Early Evening Moon  2/27/2015

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NASA JPL – What’s Up March 2015 – Solar Eclipses

This month’s video covers:

  • General Information about Solar Eclipses.
  • Information about the 2015 Atlantic Ocean Total Solar Eclipse.
  • Information about the US 2017 Solar Eclipse.

This video is published by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Check out their site at:

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KAS – 2015 Messier Marathon

Planning is underway for the 2015 KAS Messier Marathon.  This is a great opportunity to view all the objects catalogued by Charles Messier that took him 24 years to observe.  Messier catalogued objects that he originally thought were comets, but could not confirm them as such.  Basically these objects appeared to him as “faint fuzzies” but unlike comets, they never moved. His list of 110 objects were almost considered a hinderance by him.


Messier Object Chart

Messier Object Chart (click to view larger – credit

Today, this list of objects are the most accessible and easiest to view objects in and around our galaxy.  About 10 of them can be spotted with the naked eye, and the rest are all findable with even a fairly modest telescope.  Every year during the new moon dark window in March, all but a few of these great objects is observable in just one night.  The window this year runs roughly between March 16th and March 24th.  It takes the entire night to see them all, and we here in the upstate NY area can see all but 1-2 objects that rest on the extreme southern skyline.

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