Wake Up To A Total Lunar Eclipse – October 8th, 2014

In the early morning hours of Wednesday October 8th, you can kick your day off watching a total lunar eclipse if the weather cooperates.  If the Greater Binghamton Area has clear skies, starting at around 4:30 AM and running up until around 7:30 AM EDT, you can watch nearly a full cycle of a lunar eclipse, including a one hour period of totality.  Keep an eye on this site for any local information about observing the eclipse.

For the EDT Time Zone, here’s the schedule:

Penumbra first visible:  4:45 a.m.
Partial eclipse begins:  5:15 a.m.
Total eclipse begins:  6:25 a.m.
Mid-eclipse:  6:55 a.m.
Total eclipse ends:  7:24 a.m.
Partial eclipse ends:  N/A
Penumbra last visible:  N/A

Visit Sky & Telescope Magazine’s October 2014 Lunar Eclipse article for more detailed information on observing the eclipse, including the image shown below.

Total Eclipse of the Moon October 8th, 2014 - Sky & Telescope Magazine

This Sky & Telescope timeline shows the times and phases of the October 8th Lunar Eclipse.

Other References:

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