The 2011 KAS Campout

On Friday August 19th and Saturday August 21st, we will host the 3rd annual KAS Campout & BBQ. This is the beginning of the planning of the event. If you are a KAS Member and are interested, please send an email to

As a reminder – the gist of this is NO BUSINESS – NO WORKING – JUST HANGING OUT & HAVING FUN. We are required to not promote this publicly by the park we will be camping at. We pull together a flyer to post to the residents of the park if they would like to join us when observing. So there’s a hint of outreach, but mostly fun. Last year we had a great BBQ/cookout one night provided by Sally, Fibber and Art (along with other dishes to pass). We were able to observe one of the nights. Nice campfires, and good camping. KAS Members don’t have to sign up for camping – they can still hang out to observe and enjoy a great meal with great company. KAS Member’s family are more than welcome to attend any part of or all of the event. We hope many of you will join us for a great time!

Thanks again to all of you for making this a great group!

Clear Skies!

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