Kopernik Winter Star Party Planning Underway

Get ready to join Kopernik Observatory & Science Center (KOSC) and the Kopernik Astronomical Society (KAS) in their annual Winter Star Party.  Come brave the chilly elements to observe under the crystal clear, dark skies.  The northeast winter skies often provide some of the most stable observing with humidity free skies, typically better than any other time of the year.

Planning for the 2013 Kopernik Winter Star Party is underway.  Get ready for a great action packed Saturday.  Thought provoking NASA astronomer Michelle Thaller will be the keynote speaker! A full schedule will be developed soon. See the full moon, Jupiter, Pleiades star cluster, double stars and more!

Check the KOSC 2013 WSP website for updated information as it becomes available:

Michelle Thaller is an American astronomer and research scientist. She is currently the assistant director for Science Communication at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Dr. Thaller has been featured in an episode of the National Geographic Channel documentary television series, Naked Science and has appeared on Life and Times on the Los Angeles based television station KCET. She is also a regular contributor to the online edition of the Christian Science Monitor for which she writes a monthly science column and has appeared seven times on the History Channel show, The Universe She also appears in the Science Channel’s “How the Universe Works”.{Season 1/Ep. 4 entitled “Extreme Stars”} Thaller also contributed to and appeared in the award-winning video podcast series IRrelevant Astronomy.

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