April in Review – May at a Glance

As is always the case, the KAS had a splendid month in April 2011! Here are some of the highlights of April:

  • The AstroFest2011 Committee solidified the KAS plans for AstroFest, 2011 and they formally announced the event here: http://kopernikastro.org/?p=270
  • About 12 members of the KAS trekked to Suffern, NY for the 2011 Northeast Astronomy Forum and Telescope show (NEAF).  Many KAS members spent the night and attended the conference on both days.  What a great time to spend those days there.  The International Dark Sky Association conference was also running there in parallel.
  • Some members of the KAS joined in with a group known as the Space Tweep Society, a Twitter based organization, members at NEAF for a few gatherings and good times.  The highlight of these interactions were sharing dinner with the cast of the TV show The Meteorite Men, an exclusive tour of the Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center, meeting the cast of the TalkingSpace Podcast group, discussions with the coordinator of the SpaceUPNY conference, interacting with a board member of the historic Dudley Observatory and various other socializing activities.  This was a great bonus to the already AWESOME NEAF trip.
  • The AstroFest2011 Committee and few other members of the KAS stood up an information booth at NEAF, and greatly raised awareness of the KAS, AstroFest 2011, and the Kopernik Observatory & Science Center. A really great job of networking by this group.
  • The KAS supported numerous outreach events at the Observatory, including presenting 3 public Friday programs and volunteering support for five public Friday programs.  Including Earth day.
  • On April 20th, the KAS supported and attended multiple benefits for the Kopernik Observatory & Science Center.  Including a Doug’s Fish Fry in Endwell, NY and Tully’s Good Times in Vestal, NY.  Activities at Tully’s included solar observing and a small meteorite display inside.  Still waiting to hear the results of the fund raising effort, but all had a great time and had some excellent food!

May again welcomes summer skies, and less harsh observing conditions.  Here are some events and activities coming up in May:

  • The KAS Monthly Business meeting will be held on May 4th please join us.  This meeting is open to the public.
  • There will be four Public Friday programs in May that the KAS will be supporting.
  • The KAS invites anyone to support the Kopernik Observatory’s Moonlight Café experience.  Check out the details here: http://www.kopernik.org/news_and_events/public_programs.htm#colliding-galaxies
  • The third Wednesday of the month brings another KAS only observation night – if skies clouded over, a presentation on meteorites is planned for the evening along with good company and good times!
  • Many members of the KAS will venture to Cherry Springs State Park May 26th – May 29th.  This event is a camping event, which features presentations during the day, Astronomy Vendors, and the best dark skies in the Northeast at night.  This is an excellent event, which has a strong KAS presence every year.  We camp as a group, share equipment, and make the camping experience as fun as possible. Please join us it’s a great experience!
  • As the weather gets more comfortable in May, there will be plenty of impromptu KAS only observing sessions being held.  If you do not already get email notifications of these, please send an email to kas@kopernikastro.org, and we will get you properly setup for these notifications.

We hope you will join us for some good family fun, great company, to dream of and observe the heavens with us.  We hope your May is as good as ours!  Take care!


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