The Pizza Hut Universe – By Barlow Bob

2011 - Northeast Astronomy Forum & Telescope Show (NEAF). April 16 & 17, 2011The following article has been provided by Barlow Bob, founder & organizer of the NEAF Solar Star Party and regional event host & lecturer.   You can read more about Barlow Bob and see some of his other articles at

The Pizza Hut Universe – By Barlow Bob

You may have noticed that you see more stars in the night sky, during Summer and Winter. However, you see fewer stars in Spring and Fall. Why does this occur?

Think of our Milky Way galaxy as a giant pepperoni pizza.

In the night sky, of Summer and Winter, you are looking across our galaxy, in the direction of the next arm, of our galaxy, containing many stars. In the night sky, of Spring and Fall, you are looking through the top or bottom of our galaxy, containing fewer stars.

Laminate a picture of a pepperoni pizza, back to back, with a picture of galaxy M33. This galaxy looks like a pinwheel. Place these laminated pictures in a pizza box. Laminate a picture of a pizza store, back to back, with this story of The Pizza Hut Universe.

The pepperoni represents our solar system..
The pizza represents our galaxy.
The pizza box represents our local galaxy group.
The pizza store represents the universe.

©2000 Barlow Bob

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