Reminder – 2011 KAS Officer Elections During May 4th Meeting

This is a reminder that the 2011 KAS Officer elections will be held on Wednesday May 4th during the regular business meeting.  Ballots for the elections will be provided at the meeting.  A period of time will be allotted for final nominations prior to the elections.

Here is the current list of officer nominations.

1. President – George N. (incumbent)
2. VP of the Treasury – Art C. (incumbent)
3. VP of Technical Affairs – Erik Y (incumbent), Lee Schelp
4. VP of Safety – Keith W. (incumbent)
5. VP of Outreach Secretary – Sally M.(incumbent)
6. VP of Membership Affairs – Patrick M. (incumbent)

If anyone has further nominations, please try and get them to or George prior to the May KAS meeting. Nominations can be made right up until the ballot call for the elections.

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