KAS Membership Information

The Kopernik Astronomical Society (KAS) is always interested in getting new members of all levels of background and interest in Astronomy! We believe in letting members pursue their interests in Astronomy at whatever level and pace they may be interested in. We have members who are astrophotographers, theory people, star gazers, or dedicated visual observational astronomers. Perhaps the unique thing about the KAS relative to other Astronomy clubs is our interest in supporting the science educational programs at Kopernik Observatory & Science Center. As such, visitors will often find KAS volunteers helping at Kopernik programs, or even running the program completely.

In addition to astronomy, many of our members share interests in related fields such as amateur radio, science fiction, space science, spaceflight, rocketry and collecting meteorites.

We welcome you to visit the KAS, meet our great club members, get a tour of the observatory, and join us in any way you may want to engage in the great adventure of astronomy.

Please take a look at the following materials to get a feel for what the KAS can offer you, and to get a feeling for what we are all about…

Before you can join the KAS, our Bylaws require you to become a member of the Kopernik Observatory & Science Center.  You can find more information on that membership here: Kopernik Observatory & Science Center Membership

If you have any questions on membership, please contact membership@kopernikastro.org

KAS Overview Presentation (PDF file)

Click the image below for the PDF Version of our Membership Flyer

KAS Membership Information Brochure

KAS Membership Information Brochure


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