Kopernik AstroFest 2015 Planning Has Begun!


The 2015 Kopernik AstroFest planning cycle has started and the KAS have announced that the dates of the event will be Friday October 16th thru Sunday October 18th.  We are very excited to be hosting the event at Kopernik Observatory & Science Center in Vestal, NY for the 33rd time in Kopernik history.

Details of the event are still being researched and discovered.  There will be speakers on topics related to astronomy as well as observing under Kopernik’s clear, dark skies.  As details become available, they will be published on the Kopernik AstroFest Web Page.

If you are interested in participating with the fantastic AstroFest Planning Team, or you are interested in more information about attending the event, please contact the Kopernik Astronomical Society.


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