June 2015 Observing Challenges



Here are some observing challenges for June 2015

Note:  These events come from David Dickinson’s post in Universe Today titled The Top 101 Astronomical Events of 2015

  • June 01- The International Space Station reaches full illumination as the June solstice nears, resulting in multiple nightly passes favoring  northern hemisphere observers.
  • June 04- Io and Ganymede both cast shadows on Jupiter from 12:54 to 2:13 EDT.
  • June 05- Venus reaches greatest eastern (dusk) elongation for 2015, 45 degrees from the Sun at 12:00 PM EDT.
  • June 16- Comet C/2014 Q1 PanSTARRS may reach naked eye visibility.
  • June 21- The June northward solstice occurs at 10:51 UT.
  • June 24- Mercury reaches greatest (morning) elongation at 22.5 degrees west of the Sun at 17:00 UT.
  • June 30 – Jupiter and Venus are nearly 1/3 of a degree apart.  for 8 days starting June 27th, they are 2 degrees or less apart.
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