Another Great KAS Trip to Stellafane

About one week ago today, the KAS began returning from another excellent trip to Stellafane. In total, we counted 12 KAS members who attended Stellafane, and it was great to see some members we haven’t see in a while. Of the three nights there, we stole two excellent observing nights with clear, dark skies. The KAS had an array of telescopes there to observe with, and we also had some solar observing on one of the days. As you’ll see in the photos, there’s no roughing it when the KAS goes anywhere! Two members, Keith and Patrick attended for the very first time. On the second night of observing, the Meteorite Men, Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold joined us for well over an hour and a half on the observing field, it was great to spend time with them, and to show them the night sky. During the day, we attended talks, admired hand made telescopes, learned about meteorites, learned of the tradition and history at Stellafane, and relaxed.

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We can’t wait to spin up this trip again next year!

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