2013 KAS Events Published

The 2013 Kopernik Astronomical Society events have been posted. These events are either activities KAS members are hosting or are attending. You can find the published events here at this link (or the site menu bar under Events): http://kopernikastro.org/events/

Events List:

  • Feb 23rd: Kopernik Winter Star Party
  • Apr 20 – 21: Northeast Astronomy Forum & Telescope Show (NEAF)
  • Jun 6- 9: Cherry Springs Star Party
  • Jul: Tioga County Relay for Life (Date TBD)
  • Jul: KAS Annual BBQ (Date TBD)
  • Aug: KAS Annual Campout & Picnic (date TBD)
  • Aug 8 – 11: Stellafane Telescope Makers Convention
  • Sep: Black Forest Star Party (Date TBD)
  • Oct 4 – 6: Kopernik AstroFest

KAS Club Meetings:

The KAS Club Meetings will continue to be on the second Thursday of every month.  January, February and March meetings will be held at the IHOP on the Vestal Parkway.  April – November meetings will be held at the observatory.  December’s meeting will also likely be held at IHOP.

Winter Calendar Observing Events:

  • Jan 3 – 4: Quadrantid Meteor Shower
  • Jan 7 – 16: January Dark Window Observing
  • Jan 18: Kopernik Public Friday: Winter Skies
  • Feb 6 – 15: February Dark Window Observing
  • Feb 15 – Asteroid DA14 Close Approach & Kopernik Public Friday
  • Mar 3 – 13: Comet C1/2011 L4 PanSTARRS Close Approach
  • Mar 7 – Mar 15: March Dark Window Observing

As we add more events, keep watch on the KAS Calendar for changes and updates.

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