The Kopernik Astronomical Society wishes to thank the generosity of the following supporters and vendors for their contributions to Kopernik AstroFest 2013. The following items will be raffled off during AstroFest. We hope you join us for a chance to win these great prizes, and please support these fantastic vendors for their support of amateur astronomy and astronomy related events such as AstroFest.

Sky Watcher USA

10″ Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope (valued at $699)


NexStar 90SLT Computerized Telescope (valued at $419)

Vernonscope – Brandon Optics

Brandon 6MM 1-1/4″ Ocular (valued at $235)

Explore Scientific

18mm 82 degree series eyepiece (valued at $149)

Edmund Scientifics

Saturn 1B Print with Authentic Rocket Fin Fragment
(valued at $149)

Tele Vue Optics

Tele Vue 2x Barlow (valued at $125)


9×60 Binoculars (valued at $110) By Woodland Hills Camera and Telescope

$50 Gift Certificate (2 chances to win)

Howie Glatter’s Skypointer

High Powered SkyPointer Laser (valued at $80)

Telescope Support Systems

1.5″ Dual Block Clamp Block and DSLR Camera Mount (valued at $60.00)

Astronomy Magazine

Complimentary Magazine Subscription (3 chances to win)

Kopernik Astronomical Society (KAS)

Orion Laser Pointer (valued at $80)

Howie Glatter’s

2″ to 1.25″ Parallizer (valued at $45)

New Moon Telescopes

An edge grain, 24″ long by 14 3/4″ wide by 1 3/4″ thick hand crafted cutting board. Juice bead on one side and the KAS Astrofest inscription on the other

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Sky & Telescope Pocket Atlas (valued at $19.95)

Sky & Telescope Binocular Highlights (valued at $24.95)

Springer Books

Vixen Optics

$50 Gift Certificate

$50 Gift Certificate

ADM Accessories

Green Laser Holder (valued at $35) By Woodland Hills Camera and Telescope

$25 Gift Certificate (4 chances to win)

Edmund Scientifics

Planets 3D Augmented Reality Kit (valued at $20)

Kopernik Astronomical Society (KAS)

Vivitar 7 x 50 Binoculars (valued at $20)

Kopernik Observatory & Science Center

Aeronautics Book Set

NASA Contributions to Aeronautics Two Volume Book Set (valued at $55)
Aeronautics at NACA and NASA
Aerospace Design: Aircraft, Spacecraft & Art of Modern Flight (valued at $49)

Finger Lakes Instrumentation


New Moon Telescopes


Barlow Bob

NEAF Solar Star Party Hat (2 chances to win)

Teeter’s Telescopes

Red T-Shirt

Kopernik Observatory & Science Center

Book: Reference Guide to the
International Space Station (valued at $22)

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