2011 Special Changes to KAS Officer Nominations and Elections

Due to a variety of postponements and disruptions in the KAS operations over the past few months, tonight at the monthly meeting, the KAS voted on a measure to postpone officer elections until the May time frame, instead of the standard April time frame. Please note the approved change indicated below. We will still need to assure that we get everyone’s nominations, etc…

(from the bylaws, voted changes for 2011 are in bold)
“Members are to send President (George) nominations beginning this month. The President passes them on to the Membership VP (Patrick M.) who presents the slate and ballots at the annual meeting in May. Nominations are taken until just before our vote in May.”

So think of who you would like to see in each of the offices for the KAS, and send your nominations to George. The entire current line up of officers has already been nominated.

1. President (incumbent – George N.)
2. VP of the Treasury (incumbent – Art C.)
3. VP of Technical Affairs (Incumbent -Erik Y.)
4. VP of Safety (incumbent – Keith W.)
5. VP of Outreach Secretary (Incumbent – Sally M.)
6. VP of Membership Affairs (Incumbent – Patrick M.)

Nominations may be made at the very start of the May meeting as well. I will just need time to do the write in on the ballot.

Please feel free to send any nominations to kas@kopernikastro.org

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